Applying an Update To a Catalog


This is not normally done except for diagnostic purposes—for instance, to help verify that a difference file is valid. The catalog generated in this way is not in compressed form and should not be passed to Windows Media Player.


A new catalog file can be created by using the syntax below, where inputcatalog is the location of the original catalog, and inputdiff is the location of the difference file to apply. The catalog files must be in uncompressed form.

catcomp applydiff <inputcatalog> <inputdiff>

For example, the following creates a new catalog from C:\Catalog210\catalog.wmdb and C:\Catalog210\catalog.diff.

catcomp applydiff C:\Catalog210\catalog.wmdb C:\Catalog210\catalog.diff

If compilation is successful, catcomp.exe creates the follow output files.

File name Description New catalog file.