AxWindowsMediaPlayer.stretchToFit property

The stretchToFit property gets or sets a value indicating whether video displayed by the Windows Media Player control automatically sizes to fit the video window, when the video window is larger than the dimensions of the video image.


public System.Boolean stretchToFit {get; set;}

Public Property stretchToFit As System.Boolean

Property value

The System.Boolean value that indicates whether the video will stretch to fit the window. The default value is false.


When stretchToFit is set to true, the Windows Media Player control maintains the original aspect ratio of the video. If the aspect ratio of the video does not match the aspect ratio of the video window, black mask areas may appear on either the top and the bottom, or left and right, of the video image.

This property applies to the Windows Media Player control only when it is embedded in a webpage.


Windows Media Player 9 Series or later
AxInterop.WMPLib.dll (AxInterop.WMPLib.dll.dll)

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