The currentPositionTimecode property specifies or retrieves the current position in the current media item using a time code format. This property currently supports SMPTE time code.


Possible Values

This property is a read/write String.


SMPTE time code provides a standard way of identifying an individual video frame, which is useful for synchronizing playback. If a digital media file supports SMPTE time code, Windows Media Player can retrieve the current time code position information or seek to a video frame identified by a particular time code String.

SMPTE time code identifies a particular frame by the number of hours, minutes, seconds, and frames that separate it from a particular reference frame the frame designated as time zero. Usually the time zero frame is the start of the file and a particular SMPTE time code value represents the elapsed time since the start of the file.

The time code String is in the format [range]hh:mm:ss.ff where [range] represents the range, hh represents hours, mm represents minutes, ss represents seconds, and ff represents frames. When specifying a value using currentPositionTimecode, you must include all eight digits using zeros as placeholders.

The [range] specifier corresponds to the wRange member of the Windows Media Format WMT_TIMECODE_EXTENSION_DATA structure. For more information about time code ranges, see the Windows Media Format SDK.

Specifying and retrieving currentPositionTimecode is only supported for files that contain SMPTE time code information.


The following code example specifies currentPositionTimecode as 1 hour, zero minutes, 30 seconds, and 5 frames. The Player object was created with ID = "Player".

// Seek to a frame using SMPTE time code.
Player.controls.currentPositionTimecode = "[00000]01:00:30.05";


Windows Media Player 9 Series or later.

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