Status Font

You must define the font used by the status display you wish to use. The font is defined by three values, separated by commas, representing the face, size, and weight of the font.

Typeface Values

Any typeface name can be used if it is likely to be installed on the user's machine. If a typeface is not found on the machine, an alternate will be selected by the operating system. The following table shows the typefaces that are usually found on Windows Mobile 2003-based devices.

Typeface Description
Tahoma A sans-serif typeface.
Lucida Console A square-serif typeface.


Size Values

This is the size of the typeface in points. Any positive integer value is valid, though numbers between 10 and 18 are recommended. Sizes smaller than 10 may be difficult to read, and sizes above 18 may not leave enough space to display more than a few letters at a time.

Weight Values

The only values allowed are shown in the following table.

Value Description
B Bold
N Normal