Xamarin.Forms Requirements

Platform and development system requirements for Xamarin.Forms.

Refer to the Installation article for an overview of installation and setup practices that apply across platforms.

Target platforms

Xamarin.Forms applications can be written for the following operating systems:

However, Android 5.0 (API 21) is recommended as the minimum API. This ensures full compatibility with all the Android support libraries, while still targeting the majority of Android devices.

It is assumed that developers have familiarity with .NET Standard.

Additional platform support

The status of these platforms is available on the Xamarin.Forms GitHub:

  • Samsung Tizen
  • macOS
  • GTK#
  • WPF


You should have the latest Android SDK Tools and Android API platform installed. You can update to the latest versions using the Android SDK Manager.

Additionally, the target/compile version for Android projects must be set to Use latest installed platform. However the minimum version can be set to API 19 so you can continue to support devices that use Android 4.4 and newer. These values are set in the Project Options:

Project Options > Application > Application Properties

Android build options in Visual Studio

Development system requirements

Xamarin.Forms apps can be developed on macOS and Windows. However, Windows and Visual Studio are required to produce Windows versions of the app.

Mac System requirements

You can use Visual Studio for Mac to develop Xamarin.Forms apps on macOS High Sierra (10.13) or newer. To develop iOS apps, we recommend using the latest version of Xcode, iOS, and macOS. For specific version requirements, refer to the latest Xamarin.iOS release notes.


Windows apps cannot be developed on macOS.

Windows system requirements

Xamarin.Forms apps for iOS and Android can be built on any Windows installation that supports Xamarin development. For full support of the current platform features, use the latest version of Visual Studio.

A networked Mac is required for iOS development using the latest version of Xcode and the minimum version of macOS specified by Apple.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

Developing Xamarin.Forms apps for UWP requires:

  • Windows 10 (latest version recommended, Fall Creators Update minimum)

  • Visual Studio 2019 recommended

  • Windows 10 SDK

You can add a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App to an existing Xamarin.Forms solution at any time.

Deprecated platforms

These platforms are not supported when using Xamarin.Forms 3.0 or newer:

  • Windows 8.1 / Windows Phone 8.1 WinRT
  • Windows Phone 8 Silverlight