Getting Started with iOS 11

Download and install Xcode 9


iOS 11, tvOS 11, and watchOS 4 require Xcode 9.

Visual Studio for Mac is also required - you cannot use Xcode 9 with Xamarin Studio.

Download and Install

Follow these steps to ensure you're ready to work with the latest iOS, tvOS, and watchOS features:

  1. Install the latest XcodeDownload and install the latest version of Xcode 9.

  2. Run Xcode First – Run Xcode once, before updating and running Visual Studio for Mac, as it installs some tools that Xamarin requires the first time it is run.

  3. Update to the latest Stable release – Follow the instructions on the Xcode 9 release blog.

  4. (optional) Install the latest iOS Beta for real Apple Hardware – To test iOS 11 on any physical iOS devices, download and install the iOS beta on your devices.

Visual Studio 2017 on Windows

After installing Xcode 9 on your Mac, follow the links on the Xcode 9 release blog for installing the Xamarin.VS 4.7 extension for Visual Studio 2017 on Windows.