Xamarin.Mac exposes the complete macOS SDK for .NET developers. Build fully native apps in Visual Studio for Mac.

Get Started

Learn how to build your first Mac app with Xamarin and C#.


  • Getting Started

    Tutorials to get you up and running with Xamarin.Mac. Make sure everything is installed correctly, and build your first Mac apps.
  • Application Fundamentals

    Everything you need to know to build Mac apps, such as working with files, images, databases, and more.
  • User Interface

    Learn about the complete set of user interface controls available for macOS in AppKit.
  • Platform Features

    Working with Mac platform features, such as Storyboards, OpenTK, and the newest features in macOS.
  • Deployment and Testing

    Instructions for building and deploying your apps to the App Store, and tips for testing them beforehand!
  • Advanced Concepts & Internals

    Additional information about Xamarin.Mac internals and assistance with features like accessibility.