Introduction to macOS Mojave



Xamarin's support for the macOS Mojave SDK distributed with Xcode 10 is currently in preview, which means that it may contain bugs, is not feature complete, and may change. Use it for experimentation only.

This document provides a high-level of overview of new and updated features in macOS Mojave for which Xamarin's preview release currently provides C# bindings.

To get started building macOS Mojave apps with Xamarin, take a look at:

Dark Mode

Dark mode is a system-wide dark theme in macOS Mojave that uses a dynamic, dark grey color scheme to display user interface elements. It also introduces new accent colors, color effects, and content tint colors to help third-party apps look good no matter the user's color settings.

User Notifications framework

The User Notifications framework is included in macOS Mojave, changing the APIs that Mac apps use to work with user notifications.

Natural Language framework

The Natural Language framework enables applications to perform various types of language analysis. For example, it can be used to identify parts of speech and determine the language represented by a block of text.

Vision framework

The Vision framework includes an improved face detector that can detect faces in various orientations. Also, request revisions can now be used to select a specific Vision framework algorithm revision.