.NET Embedding 0.3 release notes

This is the third public release of Embeddinator-4000.

What's New

Embeddinator now has support for Windows and Linux, for C and Java generators, as well as targetting the Android platform.

Java support

  • pr488 - Improved support for C# abstract classes, with generation of Java abstract class proxies
  • pr490 - Improved support for desktop Java in Windows, macOS and Linux platforms

Android support

  • pr475 - Support for Android Studio 3.0
  • pr474 - Improved assemblies referencing for Android resources compilation
  • pr477 - JAR file dependencies improvements for Xamarin.Forms apps

C support

  • pr497 - Improved support for generation of class type arrays
  • Fixes for compilation of generated code with VS2017 toolchain

Other features and fixes

  • pr499 - Support for Linux platform, including a new CI testing configuration
  • pr495 pr498 - Improved support for F# language
  • pr471 - Fixes for MSBuild lookup on Windows

Known Issues

  • Some C# features (e.g. generics) are not yet supported;
  • In some cases the generator produces duplicate symbols, which won't compile. Please file issues on github if this occurs.

A list of issues, including bugs, enhancements and ideas, is being tracked on github.