Xamarin Live Player for Xamarin.Forms

Since the source code is interpreted you may reach the limitations after some time and need to fully compile your app for device or emulator.

Preview feature


The Xamarin Live Player Preview has ended. The app is no longer available. The instructions below are provided for customers continuing to use the preview with Visual Studio 2017.


You can use the XAML Previewer in Visual Studio 2019 or Visual Studio for Mac to view your screen designs as you edit them.

How Xamarin Live Player worked

Xamarin Live Player: Code, Scan, Test

  1. Enable the Xamarin Live Player in Preferences, then select your device from the Devices list.
  2. Manage Live Player devices to scan a QR code to pair your device to Visual Studio.
  3. The app runs on your phone or tablet.

Xamarin Live Player App

Using the Xamarin Live Player app.


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