Xamarin Profiler 1.6.4 release notes

What's New in 1.6.4


Release Highlights

  • Updated translations, and fixed several issues found with some languages
  • Lots of bugs fixed


What's New in 1.6.4-33

  • Several fixes for dark mode in Mojave


What's New in 1.6.4-30

  • Fix crash that happened because of a bug in some versions of Mono on Mac
  • Fix problem with Windows iOS simulator
  • Fix crash when "Show in Call Tree" menu was selected in empty Snapshots list
  • Fix heaviest stacktraces disappearing when switching tabs
  • Add missing French translation


What's New in 1.6.4-20

  • Fix missing Traditional Chinese translation
  • Improve calculation and displaying of percentages in allocations lists
  • Fix opening MLPD files from Finder on Mac


What's New in 1.6.4-16

  • Updated translations
  • Fix highlighting of sibling rows in Call Tree view
  • Fix sorting of children in Call Tree view
  • Fix resizing problems of "Top allocations" chart
  • Fix auto-collapsing of inspector views area when profiling fails
  • Fix sizing of charts so that description text fits
  • Fix weird redrawing issue on custom tabs
  • Fix crash on startup due to a missing library in Windows installer