Xamarin Workbooks

Xamarin Workbooks provide a blend of documentation and code that is perfect for experimentation, learning, and creating guides and teaching aids.

Create a rich C# workbook for Android, iOS, Mac, WPF, or Console, and get instant live results as you learn these APIs.

Xamarin Workbooks is open source software. Development happens in the open on GitHub. We invite interested users and developers to get involved with the project.

Join us on GitHub!

Give it a try and let us know what you think, or if you run into any bugs. We have a forum too!

Installation and Requirements

Information on getting Workbooks installed on your Mac or Windows computer.

Interactive Workbooks

An introduction to how to use Xamarin Workbooks.


There are a wide variety of sample workbooks available on GitHub.

Integration SDK

It is possible to extend Xamarin Workbooks with custom data representations and renderers. Integrations are written with C# and TypeScript/JavaScript.