Xamarin.Forms 3.2.0-pre1 Release Notes

Updated: 8/13/2018

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What's New in this Release

Notable Changes

Are you ready for more F100 features? Here they are! Thanks to our community for contributing!

Release History

  • Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - Xamarin.Forms (3.2.0 Pre Release 1)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - Xamarin.Forms (3.2.0 Pre Release 1)

Issues Fixed

Additional fixes included in this release

  • "[Android] Fixes crash with Tabbed Page when image for icon doesn't exist" (#2932)
  • "[Core] Fix implicit conversion from null Uri to ImageSource" (#1253)
  • "[Feedback] MSB4062: Xamarin.Forms.Build.Tasks.GetTasksAbi" (#3118)
  • "[iOS] Fix NRE when child wasn't added yet to NavigationPage" (#3162)
  • "Downgrading the Xamarin.Forms NuGet package causes build error of "Xamarin.Forms tasks do not match targets."" (#3118)
  • "Use UpdateOnTap setting for Slider to fix broken gesture bubbling test" (#2964)
  • "Visual element packager" (#2775)
  • "[Android] Add null-check to VisualElementPackager.RemoveChild" (#2715)
  • "[Android] Don't mess with the Button.Padding if the Padding property isn't set" (#3174)
  • "[Android] Extending Android datetime picker dialogs " (#2605)
  • "[Android] Update android packages" (#2803)
  • "[Controls] Support NativeView to ControlGallery.Tizen" (#3079)
  • "[Core] Fix Padding of Layout update Issue" (#2764)
  • "[GTK] Added Editor Placeholder and PlaceholderColor" (#3135)
  • "[Tizen] Add circle style dialog for watch" (#3114)
  • "[Tizen] Add Date/TimePickerRenderer for Watch idiom" (#2862)
  • "[Tizen] Adjust the platform creation timing" (#2977)
  • "[Tizen] Enhancement serveral Rendereres for Watch on Tizen" (#2970)
  • "[Tizen] Enhancement WebView Renderer" (#2860)
  • "[Tizen] Ensures various button styles work well on watch" (#2967)
  • "[Tizen] Fix minor issue tizen backend" (#2830)
  • "[Tizen] Refactor SearchBar Renderer" (#3013)
  • "[Tizen] Remove legacy tizen specific available condition" (#2878)
  • "[Tizen] Rename EvasObjectWrapper to NativeViewWrapper" (#3047)
  • "[Tizen] ScaleX and ScaleY" (#2622)
  • "SearchBar Placeholder in WPF" (#2689)

API Changes


Your feedback is important to us. If there are any problems with this release, check the Xamarin.Forms Forums, Xamarin.Forms Bugzilla Tracker and GitHub for existing issues. Report new issues and suggestions on GitHub.

Open Source

Xamarin.Forms 3.2.0 is based on the open-source Xamarin.Forms repository: