Xamarin.Forms CarouselView Introduction

Pre-release API

CarouselView is a view for presenting data in a scrollable layout, where users can swipe to move through a collection of items. By default, CarouselView will display its items in a horizontal orientation. A single item will be displayed on screen, with swipe gestures resulting in forwards and backwards navigation through the collection of items. In addition, indicators can be displayed that represent each item in the CarouselView:

Screenshot of a CarouselView and IndicatorView, on iOS and Android

CarouselView is available in Xamarin.Forms 4.3. However, it's currently experimental and can only be used by adding the following line of code to your AppDelegate class on iOS, or to your MainActivity class on Android, before calling Forms.Init:



CarouselView is available on iOS and Android, but some functionality may only be partially available on the Universal Windows Platform.

CarouselView shares much of its implementation with CollectionView. However, the two controls have different use cases. CollectionView is typically used to present lists of data of any length, whereas CarouselView is typically used to highlight information in a list of limited length.