Xamarin.Forms Cells

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Xamarin.Forms cells can be added to ListViews and TableViews.

A cell is a specialized element used for items in a table and describes how each item in a list should be rendered. The Cell class derives from Element, from which VisualElement also derives. A cell is not itself a visual element; it is instead a template for creating a visual element.

Cell is used exclusively with ListView and TableView controls. To learn how to use and customize cells, refer to the ListView and TableView documentation.


Xamarin.Forms supports the following cell types:


A TextCell displays one or two text strings. Set the Text property and, optionally, the Detail property to these text strings.

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TextCell Example
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The ImageCell displays the same information as TextCell but includes a bitmap that you set with the Source property.

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ImageCell Example
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The SwitchCell contains text set with the Text property and an on/off switch initially set with the Boolean On property. Handle the OnChanged event to be notified when the On property changes.

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SwitchCell Example
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The EntryCell defines a Label property that identifies the cell and a single line of editable text in the Text property. Handle the Completed event to be notified when the user has completed the text entry.

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EntryCell Example
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