SkiaSharp bitmaps

A bitmap is a rectangular array of data corresponding to the pixels of a display device. The area of graphics programming associated with bitmaps is sometimes called raster graphics (named after the scan lines of early video displays) in contrast to the vector graphics of lines and curves.

The article Bitmap Basics in SkiaSharp described some of the fundamentals of loading and displaying bitmaps. These articles expand on the concepts in that introductory article:

Displaying SkiaSharp bitmaps

Learn how to display SkiaSharp bitmaps in their native pixel sizes or expanded to fill to rectangles while preserving the aspect ratio.

Creating and drawing on SkiaSharp bitmaps

Learn how to create SkiaSharp bitmaps and then draw on these bitmaps by creating a canvas using the bitmap as a drawing surface.

Cropping SkiaSharp bitmaps

Learn how to use SkiaSharp to design a user interface for interactively describing a cropping rectangle.

Segmented display of SkiaSharp bitmaps

Discover the specialized nine-patch and lattice options for rendering bitmaps.

Saving SkiaSharp bitmaps to files

Save bitmaps in the user's photo library.

Accessing SkiaSharp bitmap pixel bits

Discover the various techniques for accessing and modifying the pixel bits of SkiaSharp bitmaps.

Animating SkiaSharp bitmaps

Learn how to perform bitmap animation by sequentially displaying different bitmaps, and rendering animated GIF bitmaps.