Converting Yammer notes into Word documents

Yammer notes used to be on the top navigation bar in groups, and allowed users to create notes in Yammer. We are removing this feature and converting all notes into Word documents. All notes have been automatically converted and saved.

After the conversion, a message may appear in the "Recent Activity" section of the homepage. This is related to the upload of the note converted to a file.


Q: How does this affect me?

A: Drafts and previous versions of your notes were not converted to Word documents. The latest published versions of your notes were automatically converted to files.

Q: Where and how can I access my notes after the migration?

A: On the group header, right next to where the notes tab used to be, you will see a tab called files. On this tab you will find a directory with all your Word documents. For each note you will find a separate file with the same file name and author as your note.

Q: How is a file different from a note?

A: Files are Word documents that you can access in your group header. Word for teh web is a more robust text editor than notes, so you'll find advantages to using this tool instead of notes. However, you will lose some functionality currently available in notes, such as @ mentioning and highlighting changes between versions.

Q: If I'm following some notes, will I continue to follow those files?

A: Yes.

Q: What if my network doesn't have Files enabled?

A: In this case you should manually save your notes. You can also export all data or use the Data Export API to get a full list of all notes on the network. You must complete this action by January 26th, 2018.

Q: Can I export my notes if I don't have files turned on for my network?

A: Admins can export all data from their networks including notes.

Q: What will happen to Yammer conversations that reference a Note?

A: These links will still exist, and they will automatically update to point to the corresponding file.

Q: Will content within notes which are @ linked to files be carried over to word?

A: Yes.

Q: Will notes which are pinned in a group or as company resource remained pinned?

A: Yes.

Q: What formatting style will be used in the conversion process?

A: Most formatting will remain such as headers, bold, and italics.

Q: When will the notes functionality (i.e. notes appearing on menu) be removed?

A: Notes functionality was removed in January 2018.

Q: Will notes automatically turn into files even if we don't have files turned on?

A: No

Q: Will we still see the version history of the word files?

A: Files have version history, however, converted notes will only keep the last version of the note. These files that used to be notes will have the version history functionality enabled after the migration.