Create your first bot

In this quickstart you will learn how to create a bot using the Echo Bot template in Composer and test it in the Bot Framework Emulator.


Create an echo bot

  1. After starting Composer in a browser, select the Echo Bot button at the top of the Examples list on the homepage.

    Home echo bot

  2. Enter a Name and Description for your bot project. Choose where you want to save the bot project or keep the default location and then select OK.

    Echo bot details

  3. You will now see your bot's main dialog.

    Echo bot dialog

  4. Select the Start bot button on the top right to start your bot's local runtime.

    Start runtime

  5. Once your bot has started running the Local bot runtime manager will pop open. You should see your bot's Status is Running. Select Open Web Chat to try your bot.

    Test in Web Chat button


    If you see a Windows Security Alert, that means your firewall has blocked some features of this app. Select Allow access.

  6. The Web Chat pane will open up on the right. Type anything in Web Chat to have the bot echo back your response.

    Test in emulator gif example

Congratulations! You've successfully created an echo bot!

Next Steps