Rules Rules Rules Interface


Represents a set of Rule objects that are the rules available in the current session.

public interface class Rules : Microsoft::Office::Interop::Outlook::_Rules
public interface Rules : Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook._Rules
Public Interface Rules
Implements _Rules


This is a .NET interface derived from a COM coclass that is required by managed code for interoperability with the corresponding COM object. Use this derived interface to access all method, property, and event members of the COM object. However, if a method or event you want to use shares the same name under the same COM object, cast to the corresponding primary interface to call the method, and cast to the latest events interface to connect to the event. Refer to this topic for information about the COM object. For information about the method and property members of the COM object, see _Rules.

The Rules object model consists primarily of these objects: Rules, Rule, RuleActions, RuleConditions, RuleAction, RuleCondition, and the derived objects for certain rule actions and rule conditions. It provides partial parity with the Rules and Alerts Wizard in the Outlook user interface. Although it does not support creation of every single rule that you can possibly create using the Wizard, it supports the most commonly used rule actions and conditions.

For more information on how to programmatically create, edit, and delete rules, see Managing Rules in the Outlook Object ModelHow to: Create a Rule to Move Specific E-mails to a Folder


Application Application Application

Returns an Application object that represents the parent Outlook application for the object. Read-only.

(Inherited from _Rules)

Class Class Class

Returns an OlObjectClass constant indicating the object's class. Read-only.

(Inherited from _Rules)

Count Count Count

Returns an Integer (int in C#) value indicating the count of objects in the specified collection. Read-only.

(Inherited from _Rules)

IsRssRulesProcessingEnabled IsRssRulesProcessingEnabled IsRssRulesProcessingEnabled

Returns or sets a Boolean (bool in C#) that indicates whether RSS rules processing has been enabled. Read/write.

(Inherited from _Rules)

Item[Object] Item[Object] Item[Object]

Obtains a Rule object specified by Index, which is either a numerical index into the Rules collection or the rule name.

(Inherited from _Rules)

Parent Parent Parent

Returns the parent Object of the specified object. Read-only.

(Inherited from _Rules)

Session Session Session

Returns the NameSpace object for the current session. Read-only.

(Inherited from _Rules)


Create(String, OlRuleType) Create(String, OlRuleType) Create(String, OlRuleType)

Creates a Rule object with the name specified by Name and the type of rule specified by RuleType.

(Inherited from _Rules)

Remove(Object) Remove(Object) Remove(Object)

Removes from the Rules collection a Rule object specified by Index, which is either a numerical index into the Rules collection or the rule name.

(Inherited from _Rules)

Save(Object) Save(Object) Save(Object)

Saves all rules in the Rules collection.

(Inherited from _Rules)

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