TypeProvider.SetLocalAssembly(Assembly) TypeProvider.SetLocalAssembly(Assembly) TypeProvider.SetLocalAssembly(Assembly) Method


Establece el valor de la clase Assembly local en la clase Assembly referenciada.Sets the value of the local Assembly to the referenced Assembly .

 void SetLocalAssembly(System::Reflection::Assembly ^ assembly);
public void SetLocalAssembly (System.Reflection.Assembly assembly);
member this.SetLocalAssembly : System.Reflection.Assembly -> unit


Assembly Assembly Assembly

Assembly usado para establecer este valor.The Assembly used to set this value


Se provoca TypesChanged cuando se invoca este método.The TypesChanged is raised when this method is invoked. Llame a SetLocalAssembly(Assembly) antes de llamar a AddAssembly(Assembly); de lo contrario, no tendrá ningún efecto en TypeProvider.Call SetLocalAssembly(Assembly) before you call AddAssembly(Assembly) otherwise it has no affect on the TypeProvider.

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