Embed a dashboard tile


Try embedding a dashboard tile or experiment with our client APIs in the Explore our APIs section of the Power BI Embedded Analytics Playground.

This article covers the steps for embedding a dashboard tile in your application. Learn more about dashboard tiles in Intro to dashboard tiles for Power BI designers.

How to embed a dashboard tile

When you embed Power BI content in an app, you use a configuration object to define the content that you're embedding and to specify the content's settings. Then you pass that object to the API.

When you embed a dashboard tile, use a configuration object of type ITileLoadConfiguration:

interface ITileLoadConfiguration {
    accessToken: string;
    dashboardId: string;
    embedUrl: string;
    id: string;
    tokenType?: models.TokenType;
    type: string;

This interface contains the following properties:


The following example shows you how to embed a single dashboard tile:

// Set up the configuration object that determines what to embed and how to embed it.
let embedConfiguration = {
    accessToken: anAccessToken,
    dashboardId: aDashboardId,
    embedUrl: anEmbedUrl,
    id: aTileId,
    tokenType: aTokenType,
    type: 'tile'
// Get a reference to the HTML element that contains the embedded dashboard tile.
let tileContainer = $('#tileContainer')[0];
// Embed the dashboard.
let tile = powerbi.embed(tileContainer, embedConfiguration);

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