Trial balance with transactional detail report

This topic describes the default report for trial balances. It also describes the building blocks that are associated with this report and how you can modify the report to fit your business requirements.

You can use the Trial balance with transactional detail report to show the details of each transaction for ledger accounts. The report includes the following information:

  • Opening balances
  • Debits and credits
  • The resulting balances for a date range of 31 days or less

For transactions, the report includes the following information:

  • Transaction date
  • Voucher number
  • Account number
  • Document number
  • Ledger dimension
  • Ledger dimension name
  • Transaction description
  • Debits or credits
  • A running balance for the year to date, based on the current fiscal year

You can use the trial balance to identify errors for account balances. All accounts that have debit balances should equal all accounts that have credit balances. The report includes information from the general journal accounting entries.

You can filter the data by any of the following items:

  • Posted transactions
  • Pending transactions (These transactions include all transactions that aren't posted.)
  • All transactions

If the transactions include financial dimensions, the report shows that information under a ledger account. Otherwise, information for financial dimensions is grouped at the top of the page.

Currently, the report is exported directly to Microsoft Excel.

Transaction information on the report

Depending on the type of transaction, such as an advanced ledger entry (ALE) or purchase order, the following additional information appears on the report.

Transaction type Additional document information Additional description information
  • ALE voucher
  • Allocation rule
  • General journal transfer
  • Journal
ALE number or general journal number Line item description
No data ALE or general journal header description
  • Invoice voucher
  • Credit note voucher
Invoice number Vendor number and Vendor name
Invoice date Line item description
No data Purchase order number and/or PA number
Accounts payable (AP) payment voucher Check number or electronic funds transfer (EFT) number Vendor number – Vendor name for the "pay to" or invoice account
Check date, EFT date, or settlement date Vendor number and Vendor name for the original order account
  • Free text credit note
  • Free text invoice voucher
Free text invoice number Customer number and Customer name
Billing code Free text invoice line item description
(Description field on the Invoice lines FastTab of the Free text invoices page)
Accounts receivable (AR) payment voucher Journal batch number
(Journal batch number field on the Overview tab of the Payment journal page)
Customer number – Customer name
(Account and Account name fields on the Overview tab of the Journal voucher page)
Payment reference Line description
(Description field on the Overview tab of the Journal voucher page)
Budget register entries Budget register entry number Budget register entry description
Budget code Reason code – Budget register entry header description
(Comment field on the Budget account entry details FastTab on the Budget entry page or the Budget register entry page)
  • Purchase order confirmation
  • Purchase order confirmation voucher
Purchase order number Line item description
(Text field on the Line details FastTab of the Purchase order page)
Purchase order line number Procurement category
Purchase requisition voucher Purchase requisition number Purchase requisition name
Purchase requisition line number Purchase requisition line description
(Product name field on the Purchase requisition lines FastTab of the Purchase requisition page)
  • Project invoice voucher
  • Project invoice
Project invoice number Invoice account and Account name
Funding source Project ID and Project name