Features supported for each developer program

The following Xbox Live features are supported for Creators or for Managed Partners including ID@Xbox Partners.

Feature comparison table

Feature Area Feature Description Creators Managed Partners
Identity features Sign-in / Sign-up Allow players to sign-in to Xbox Live within your title, or create a new Xbox Live account if necessary. Required Required
User Identity Use Xbox Live Identity by displaying information such as Gamertag and Gamerpic. Required Required
Player Data Achievements Gamerscore and other rewards such as digital artwork, new maps, characters, and stat boosts. Not Supported Required
Player Stats Upload statistics about players which can be used in Leaderboards. Optional (title-managed Player Data only) Optional
Leaderboards Retrieve and display player stats in a sorted way to encourage competition. Optional (title-managed Player Data only) Optional
Featured Stats Designate certain stats as "Featured Stats" that will show up in the Game Hub. Optional (title-managed Player Data only) Required
Social features Social Manager Efficiently retrieve information about a player's social graph. Optional / Limited (only friends who have played your title are exposed) Optional
Friends Retrieve the sign-in user's friends list to enable social gameplay scenarios in your title. Optional / Limited (only friends who have played your title are exposed) Required
Rich Presence Shows more detailed information about players in your title. Whereas Basic Presence might show "User is in Car Racing Game", Rich Presence lets you specify a more detailed string like "User is driving SuperCar in RainyForest" Not Supported Required
Reputation Players gain or lose reputation through their behavior. Behavior is used in Matchmaking and can be used by your title in custom ways. Not Supported Optional
Basic Presence Display basic presence strings showing user activity within a title, such as "Steve is playing Minecraft." Automatic Automatic
Recently Played Appear in recently played titles in the Xbox App or Xbox One (or later) console. Automatic Automatic
Activity Feed Appear in the activity feed in the Xbox App or Xbox One (or later) console. Automatic Automatic
Games Hub Have a Game Hub associated with your title displaying stats, videos, and other content in a feed specific to your title. Automatic Automatic
Clubs Players can use the Xbox App or Xbox One (or later) console to create clubs that can be optionally associated with your title. Automatic Automatic
Looking For Group (LFG) LFG allows players to find others out-of-game to schedule a multiplayer game. Automatic Automatic
GameDVR Players can capture video of their gameplay sessions and share these on the activity feed. Automatic Automatic
Broadcast Players can live broadcast their gameplay via streaming services like Twitch. Automatic Automatic
Privacy Allow players to mute or block or other players. Optional Optional
Multiplayer features Multiplayer Session Directory (MPSD) Stores information about a multiplayer session, such as list of players and their state. Not Supported Optional
Multiplayer Activity (MPA) Simplifies platform integration for player activities (joins), invites, and recent players, and allows players to launch into your game from their social graph. If it's a multiplayer game, Managed Partners must use either MPSD or MPA. Not Supported Optional
SmartMatch matchmaking Xbox Live can match different players together for a multiplayer session. Not Supported Optional
Game Chat Voice chat for players in a multiplayer game. Not Supported Optional
Cloud Storage Connected Storage Roaming game saves across Xbox One (or later) consoles and PCs. Optional Required
Title Storage Cloud storage for large amounts of per-user or per-title data. Optional Optional

Support levels

The following terms are used in the right-hand columns of the feature comparison table.

Support level Description
Required You must implement this feature.
Optional You can optionally implement this feature.
Limited You can implement certain aspects of this feature.
Not Supported You cannot implement this feature.
Automatic This feature is automatically implemented for you.

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