Getting Started

To get started adding Xbox Live functionality to your game, do steps 1 through 4 below, in order.

In this section

Xbox Live overview Xbox Live provides the greatest player community for your game on the most advanced cross-platform multiplayer network.
1. Joining a developer program Joining the Creators Program or the ID@Xbox Program.
2. Setting up a game app at Partner Center Creating a new game at Partner Center, enabling Xbox Live for the game, and publishing the game to a development sandbox.
3. Setting up an IDE Setting up an IDE to use the Xbox Live SDK, for your target platforms.
4. Initializing the Xbox Live API Adding basic sign-in code to sign-in the user and game into Xbox Live services.
What's New What's New in each release of Xbox Live.

See also

Features Adding Xbox Live features to your game, such as Identity, Social features, Achievements, Cloud Storage, and Multiplayer features; and using Xbox Live with your own custom services.
Testing and Releasing Testing, troubleshooting, and publishing a game.
Xbox Live samples Xbox Live API samples and Xbox Developer Kit samples.