Xbox Live resources, sites, and downloads

The following are useful resources for developing Xbox Live-enabled games.

API reference

The WinRT SDK API reference can be found online here:

The C++ SDK API reference is currently only available in offline format.

You can download the full API reference documentation (which includes C++ as well as WinRT) at:

You can find the REST API information at:

Xbox Live API source code

The Xbox Live API source code is publicly available on GitHub at:

Xbox Live Unity plug-in

For developers in the Xbox Live Creators Program that are using Unity to develop their game, the Xbox Live Unity plug-in is available on GitHub at:


Because this is an Xbox Live Creators Program tool, the Xbox Live Unity plug-in will not provide the full suite of Xbox Live features. To see what Xbox Live services are available, see Features supported for each developer program.

Xbox Live Platform Extensions SDK

This package contains winmd files and documentation related to Secure Networking and Connected Storage features for the UWP platform. This extension will enable the use of Connected Storage in your UWP titles through use of the Windows.Gaming.XboxLive.Storage namespace.


  • This download is not required if your developer environment is using the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK or later.
  • Secure Sockets are not available to developers in the Xbox Live Creators Program.

Xbox Live tools

There are several useful tools that you use to help you develop for Xbox Live. Find more information at:

Xbox Live code samples

Public Xbox Live code samples are available on GitHub.

Samples that are restricted to managed partners can be found on the Games Developer Network Portal.

Xbox Live managed partner-only content

Some documentation for Xbox Live is available only to managed partners. To access this information, you must have a Microsoft Account (MSA) that has been enabled for full Xbox Live access.