Correct VAT Reports

If you have to submit a corrective VAT report or delete a submitted VAT report, you must create a new VAT report. According to the legislation, a corrective report must be submitted within a month of the initial report.

When you create a corrective report, the report will contain two line types per corrected line. In one line type, Cancellation, the base value of the VAT is reported as a cancellation. All other information remains the same, and cannot be edited. On a new line, Correction type, you can make corrections as needed to the VAT amount. The Suggest Lines action, however, will suggest the correct amount based on the filters and posted documents. You cannot correct or modify the VAT Registration No. Each period being corrected needs its own corrective report.

The Suggest Lines action recalculates the values to report. The Correct Lines action is used to make manual changes. You can combine the effects of the two actions to correct your report.

Example corrections scenarios

  1. If you post additional VAT entries after you submit the Standard report in the report period, choose Suggest Lines in the Process group to get the updated amounts.


    If you manually changed the amount for a customer or vendor, this amount will be overwritten when additional VAT entries are posted. Update the amount accordingly.

  2. If you want to change the amount of a report line that has already been submitted and no new VAT entries are posted, choose the Correct Lines action. On the VAT Report Lines page, select the lines that you want to correct, and then choose the OK button.

    For each entry, two lines are displayed: Cancellation and Correction. You can now change the amount on the Correction line.


    The Correct Lines action will not suggest the amount based in VAT entries. If you have new VAT entries for the customer or vendor, instead use the Suggest Lines action.

  3. If you used the wrong filters, for example, the wrong VAT product posting group, choose the Suggest Lines action, and then set filters as needed.

    Suggest Lines will create entries to account for the difference between the filters.


    If the updated filters exclude a customer or vendor, Business Central creates a Cancellation line for the previous reported amount and a Correction entry with amount 0.

To correct a VAT report

  1. Create a new VAT report. For more information, see Create VAT Reports.

  2. Fill in the fields in the General FastTab, and set the VAT Report Type field to Corrective.

  3. In the Original Report No. field, select the report that you want to correct. You can only select reports of type Standard that have been marked as Submitted.

  4. Create your correction VAT report line entries.

    Choose the Suggest Lines action. Set filters as needed.

    On each line you can drill down on the amounts to see which VAT entries make up the amount. Change the amount if needed. You cannot edit, however, the VAT Registration No..

  5. If the Suggest Lines action does not provide suggestions to correct the amounts that you intended, use the Correct Lines action to insert cancellation and correction lines for the customer or vendor.

  6. Continue with the VAT report creation process, and release the report.

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