Issue Vendor Payments and Customer Bills

The vendor and customer bill pay feature supports SEPA-based formats in addition to Italian file formats. You can pay vendors according to the SEPA Credit Transfer standard and collect payment from customers according to the SEPA Direct Debit standard. The following procedure describes the process for sending a SEPA-based payment to a vendor. The steps are similar for collecting payment from a customer.

Before starting the following procedure, make sure that information for your company's bank has been provided on the Bank Account Card page. On the card, include information for the following fields:

  • IBAN
  • SWIFT Code (optional)
  • Payment Export Format
  • SEPA CT Msg. ID No. Series

In addition, there must be a posted purchased invoice against which you can send a payment.

To issue payment to a vendor

  1. Choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter Vendors, and then choose the related link.

  2. Select the vendor to which you want to send payment. On the Payment FastTab, in the Payment Method Code field, choose the TRASFBANC option.

  3. Choose the Bank Accounts action.

  4. In the Vendor Bank Account List, select the vendor's bank account, and then choose the Edit action.

  5. On the Transfer FastTab, specify information for the IBAN field.

  6. Choose the OK button.

  7. Choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter Vendor Bill Card, and then choose the related link.

  8. Choose the New action.

  9. On the General FastTab, enter information in the following fields: Bank Account No. of the vendor and Payment Method Code.

  10. Choose the Suggest Payment action.

  11. Set filters, as appropriate, and then choose the OK button to run the batch job.

  12. Choose the Create List action.

  13. Choose the Yes button to send the bill payment.

  14. Choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter Vendor Bill List Issued, and choose the related link.

  15. Select the bill payment that you issued from the list, and then choose the Edit action. The Vendor Bill List Sent Card page opens.

  16. To export the payment information, choose the Export Bill List to File action. You can review the xml file that was sent.

    1. Export to File (for standard SEPA format files)
    2. Export Bill List to File

You can review the .xml file before sending it. To review and fix errors, you can refer to the File Export Errors FactBox.

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