Configuring Privileges in Partner Center

The Privileges configuration page dictates whether or not gamers will be restricted from streaming your title to streaming services. By default, your game will not restrict broadcasting on any streaming platform; changes to this page are only required if you would like to restrict broadcasting.

You can restrict broadcasting in two ways:

  • Disable broadcasting everywhere, by checking the box in the Default section.
  • Restrict broadcasting by Sandbox, by adding a sandbox in the Sandbox overrides section.

Checking the box in the Default section restricts broadcasting for this title on all services and sandboxes.

default broadcasting restricted

To restrict broadcasting on a particular sandbox, click Add button in the Sandbox overrides section. Choose the target sandbox from the dropdown list, then check the box underneath to restrict broadcasting for that title on the chosen sandbox.

To remove restrictions on broadcasting, sandbox overrides can be unchecked or deleted.

sandbox broadcasting restricted

To keep any configuration changes made for these settings, click the Save button.


Checking the box to disable broadcasting will only prohibit streaming done through Xbox consoles or the Windows game bar on PC. Checking the box on this page does not prevent the use of capture cards or other external capture or streaming services.