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Nearly all of the 108 elements in the DeploymentManifest Schema incorporate the schema's type definitions in the documentation for the elements in which the type instance is declared. For example, where the Field element is of type SPField, the SPField type definition is incorporated into documentation of the Field element.

However, in a few cases no element maps to a specified DeploymentManifest type. For example, the Guid Simple Type (DeploymentManifest) type is used only as an attribute type, so there is no related element in which this simple type is documented.

Following is a table that lists the selected simple types.

Selected Simple Types


AnonymousState Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

DefaultItemOpen Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

DraftVisibilityType Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

Guid Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

ListItemDocType Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

SecurityModificationType Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

SPBaseType Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

SPDictionaryEntryAccess Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

SPDictionaryEntryValueType Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

SPEventHostType Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

SPEventReceiverType Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

SPListTemplateType Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

SPModerationStatusType Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

SPObjectType Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

SPViewScope Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

TRUEFALSE Simple Type (DeploymentManifest)

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