OpenDocuments.ViewInExcel Method

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Queries Excel Web Services relative to the specified Web site URL to retrieve an Excel stream and opens the stream in a spreadsheet application.

expression.ViewInExcel(SiteUrl As String, FileName As String, SessionId As String, Cmd As String, Sheet As String, Row As Long, Column As Long, varProgID)



An expression that returns an OpenDocuments Control object.


A string that contains the URL of the Web site that hosts the Excel Web Service from which to retrieve data.


A string that contains the name to give the file in which to open the stream. If SessionId is not specified, FileName can be either a URL that is relative to SiteUrl, or an absolute URL that specifies the path to the file to open the server stream.


A string that contains the session ID of the currently opened file, or an empty string if the workbook is not open and a URL is passed.


A string that contains the command to execute on the workbook on the server.


A string that contains the name of the active sheet.


A Long that specifes the active row.


A Long that specifies the active column.