OpenXMLDocuments.CustomizeTemplate3 Method

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Opens the specified Windows SharePoint Services form template (.xsn) file for customization within its associated application based on the specified list schema version, content type ID, and content type URL.

expression.CustomizeTemplate3(bstrSolutionLocation As String, bstrVersionID As String, bstrCTID As String, bstrCTURL As String)



An expression that returns an OpenXMLDocuments Control object.


A string that contains the URL for the location of the .xsn file to open for customization.


A string that contains the list schema version ID. The version ID is used to determine if the schema (or Windows SharePoint Services column definitions) has changed after the .xsn file was created. If the schema has changed, the designer application that is used to customize form templates retrieves the new XML Schema (XSD) and updates the .xsn file.


An empty string or a string that contains the content type ID. For information about the format of content type IDs, see Content Type IDs.


An empty string or a string that contains the content type URL.

Return Value

true if the .xsn file successfully opens; otherwise, false.


The bstrCTID and bstrCTURL parameters pass empty strings unless the solution that is being customized was created at the site level for a site content type, and users need to customize the solution for that content type as applied to a list.

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