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Implements Find and Replace capabilities within your editor.

The IVsFindTarget type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method Find Requests a text string search.
Public method GetCapabilities Specifies your supported capabilities.
Public method GetCurrentSpan Returns the coordinates or the caret position of the current selection.
Public method GetFindState Determines the state of a previous Find operation.
Public method GetMatchRect Return the screen coordinates of the matched string.
Public method GetProperty Returns the value of a requested property.
Public method GetSearchImage Returns a text image for the environment to search.
Public method MarkSpan Highlight a given text span.
Public method NavigateTo Move to a specified location within a document.
Public method NotifyFindTarget Sends notification to a find target of a change in status.
Public method Replace Requests a text string replace.
Public method SetFindState Determines the state of a find operation.


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