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Used to pass direct-access to line data in a buffer through IVsTextLines. This structure returns all of the information for a single line.

The LINEDATA type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
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Public method ToString Returns the fully qualified type name of this instance. (Inherited from ValueType.)



  Name Description
Public field fMarkers If true, then syntax coloring related to the presence of markers is considered in the coloring information provided in the pAttributes parameter. If nulla null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic), then the marker data does not affect the syntax coloring returned.
Public field iEolType Type of the new line character at the end of the line (for example "/n", "/r/n", and so on).
Public field iLength Number of plain text characters in the line, including the end of line (EOL) character.
Public field pAttributes An array of ULONG containing a list of syntax coloring attributes for each character in the line. Syntax coloring for a line is affected by the markers present in the line and keyword coloring.
Public field pszText Array of WCHAR containing all the characters in the line. Use the iLength parameter to determine the end of text in the line. The pszText parameter is not NULL-terminated.


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