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Provides additional methods to the IVsTextManager interface.

The IVsTextManager2 type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method AttemptToCheckOutBufferFromScc3 Attempts to check a file out of SCC.
Public method FireReplaceAllInFilesBegin
Public method FireReplaceAllInFilesEnd
Public method GetActiveView2 Returns the active or previously active view.
Public method GetBufferSccStatus3
Public method GetExpansionManager
Public method GetUserPreferences2 Returns the user preferences, such as tab usage, indent size and widget margin presence for the view, frame, and language service.
Public method NavigateToLineAndColumn2 Finds or creates an appropriate view on the specified buffer and places the selection at the specified location.
Public method NavigateToPosition2
Public method ResetColorableItems
Public method SetUserPreferences2 Sets user preferences.


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