IXamlDirectObject IXamlDirectObject IXamlDirectObject IXamlDirectObject Interface


Represents the primary object type that participates in the XamlDirect set of APIs.

public : interface IXamlDirectObject
struct winrt::Windows::UI::Xaml::Core::Direct::IXamlDirectObject
public interface IXamlDirectObject
Public Interface IXamlDirectObject

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10, version 1809 (introduced v10.0.17763.0)
API contract
Windows.UI.Xaml.Core.Direct.XamlDirectContract (introduced v1)


The following example shows how to create an instance of an internal Xaml object of type Border.

IXamlDirectObject border = XamlDirect.CreateInstance(XamlTypeIndex.Border);


The XamlDirect APIs allows middleware authors to access most of Xaml at a more primitive level, achieving better CPU and working set performance.
IXamlDirectObject is the minimal handle to Xaml's internal object instances. It is used only by XamlDirect APIs.

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