HttpBinding.Namespace Field


Specifies the URI for the XML namespace representing the HTTP transport for use with SOAP. This field is constant.

public: System::String ^ Namespace;
public const string Namespace;
val mutable Namespace : string
Public Const Namespace As String 

Field Value



The following example demonstrates a typical use of the Namespace field.

// Create 'Binding' object.
Binding^ myBinding = gcnew Binding;
myBinding->Name = "MyHttpBindingServiceHttpPost";
XmlQualifiedName^ qualifiedName = gcnew XmlQualifiedName( "s0:MyHttpBindingServiceHttpPost" );
myBinding->Type = qualifiedName;

// Create 'HttpBinding' object.
HttpBinding^ myHttpBinding = gcnew HttpBinding;
myHttpBinding->Verb = "POST";
Console::WriteLine( "HttpBinding Namespace : {0}", HttpBinding::Namespace );
// Create 'Binding' object.
Binding myBinding = new Binding();
myBinding.Name = "MyHttpBindingServiceHttpPost";
XmlQualifiedName qualifiedName = new XmlQualifiedName("s0:MyHttpBindingServiceHttpPost");
myBinding.Type = qualifiedName;
// Create 'HttpBinding' object.
HttpBinding myHttpBinding = new HttpBinding();
myHttpBinding.Verb = "POST";
Console.WriteLine("HttpBinding Namespace : "+HttpBinding.Namespace);
' Create 'Binding' object.
Dim myBinding As New Binding()
myBinding.Name = "MyHttpBindingServiceHttpPost"
Dim qualifiedName As New XmlQualifiedName("s0:MyHttpBindingServiceHttpPost")
myBinding.Type = qualifiedName
' Create 'HttpBinding' object.
Dim myHttpBinding As New HttpBinding()
myHttpBinding.Verb = "POST"
Console.WriteLine("HttpBinding Namespace : " + HttpBinding.Namespace)


The field value is "".

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