Improvements in update testing and preparation


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Feature details

There are several improvements that further streamline the process of updating Business Central environments. First, customization compatibility validation will be more firmly embedded in the update process. When a new update is available, an automated validation runs to ensure that any tenant environment customizations are compatible with the new version. If the tool detects incompatibility, the environment is flagged and cannot be updated or scheduled for update to the new version until customizations are updated to be compatible with the new version of the base application. This includes compatibility indicators in the Business Central Administration Center, as well as automated notifications to inform administrators about validations through the update process.

A second key enhancement is in the feedback provided to tenant administrators when an environment update fails. Administrators receive email notifications with detailed information on update failures, including actionable information when correcting the cause of the failure requires action from the administrator.

The third enhancement provides visibility into the availability of updates for AppSource extensions. Administrators will see a notification in the Extension Management page in Business Central when an update is available for an AppSource extension that has been published on the environment. The option will also be available to apply the new update directly from the Extension Management page.