Project Reporting server side event has failed


Si applica a: Project Server 2010, Project Server 2013

Ultima modifica dell'argomento: 2013-12-18

Element ID / Rule Name:   Project_Reporting_Server_Side_Event_Has_Failed

Summary:   The Microsoft Project Server application server has a custom event handler infrastructure that enables developers to write code, such as a custom server-side event handler, to extend the capabilities of the application server and to enforce data-based business rules that are connected to the project management process.

This alert indicates that a custom server-side event handler running within the Reporting Data Service component has failed.

Cause:   A problem, such as faulty logic or an unhandled exception, may have occurred in the custom event handler code or in the application server eventing infrastructure.

Possible resolutions include the following:

  • Verify the health of the Project Server Eventing Service that is running on the Project Server application server and troubleshoot accordingly. If no problem is found with this service, do one of the following:

    • Remove the custom event handler to prevent this error from occurring.

    • Review the Windows NT Event log for errors from the event handler and troubleshoot accordingly. In some cases, you may need to debug the code for the server-side event handler to uncover the root cause of the failure.