Modify an existing Quick Launch link (Project Server 2010 settings)


Si applica a: Project Server 2010

Ultima modifica dell'argomento: 2011-04-13

In Microsoft Project Web App, if a link on the Quick Launch is not pointing to the correct place, is not categorized under the correct heading, or must be temporarily hidden, you can easily make those changes.

To modify an existing Quick Launch item

  1. On the Quick Launch, in the Settings section, click Server Settings.

  2. On the Server Settings page, in the Look and Feel section, click Quick Launch.

  3. Under Set Menu Item Details, click the name of the link that you want to modify, in the Name column.


    If you have a long list of Quick Launch items to scroll through, you can collapse the headers to hide the links that you do not want to modify.

  4. Modify the link name, URL, and display option for the link, and then click OK.