THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server (starting with 2012)noAzure SQL DatabasenoAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

Deploys one or more packages to a folder in the Integration Services catalog or updates an existing package that has been deployed previously.


[catalog].[deploy_packages]     [ @folder_name = ] folder_name,    [ @project_name = ] project_name,    [ @packages_table = ] packages_table,     [ @operation_id OUTPUT ] operation_id OUTPUT ]  


[ @folder_name = ] folder_name
The name of the folder. The folder_name is nvarchar(128).

[ @project_name = ] project_name
The name of the project in the folder. The project_name is nvarchar(128).

[ @packages_table = ] packages_table
The binary contents of Integration Services package (.dtsx) file(s). The packages_table is [catalog].[Package_Table_Type]

[ @operation_id = ] operation_id
Returns the unique identifier for the deployment operation. The operation_id is bigint.

Return Code Value

0 (success)

Result Sets



This stored procedure requires one of the following permissions:

  • CREATE_OBJECTS permissions on the project or MODIFY permissions on the package to update a package.

  • Membership to the ssis_admin database role

  • Membership to the sysadmin server role

Errors and Warnings

The following list describes some conditions that may cause this stored procedure to raise an error:

  • A parameter refers to an object that does not exist, a parameter tries to create an object that already exists, or a parameter is invalid in some other way.

  • The user does not have sufficient permissions