View print job status

Using Universal Print, an admin can view the status of each print job in your organization. When users print a document, the print job is sent to the Universal Print service. After the print job is received, the target print device is notified by the service that the job is available to process. The service tracks the job status on the print device and sends updates to the client, where they are displayed to the user. As an administrator, you can view the print job status of each print job through the administrator portal.

The print job status is displayed per printer in the administrative portal. Each print job includes a job ID, the user who created the job, the status of the job and the date the job was created.

The following table lists the possible values for print job status.

Status Description
unknown The processing state reported by the printer is not recognized.
pending The print job is pending processing by the printer.
pendingHeld The job is not a candidate for processing yet. Ensure that there are no errors or resource limitations preventing the job from starting.
processing The print job is currently being processed by the printer.
paused The print job has been paused by a user.
stopped The print job has been stopped because an issue with the printer needs to be addressed before the job can continue. More information can be found in the printer state resource.
completed The print job has completed successfully, and no further processing will take place.
canceled The print job has been canceled by a user and no further processing will take place.
aborted The print job has been aborted by a user or the printer and no further processing will take place.

View print job status

Viewing print job status can be done per printer.

To view print job status:

  1. Sign in to the administrative portal
  2. In the list, select the printer you want.
  3. Select Jobs.
  4. Search by job status to filter the list.