IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext) IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext) IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext) IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext) Method


IHttpHandler インターフェイスを実装するカスタム HttpHandler によって、HTTP Web 要求の処理を有効にします。Enables processing of HTTP Web requests by a custom HttpHandler that implements the IHttpHandler interface.

 void ProcessRequest(System::Web::HttpContext ^ context);
public void ProcessRequest (System.Web.HttpContext context);
abstract member ProcessRequest : System.Web.HttpContext -> unit
Public Sub ProcessRequest (context As HttpContext)


HttpContext HttpContext HttpContext HttpContext

HTTP 要求を処理するために使用する、組み込みのサーバー オブジェクト (RequestResponseSessionServer など) への参照を提供する HttpContext オブジェクト。An HttpContext object that provides references to the intrinsic server objects (for example, Request, Response, Session, and Server) used to service HTTP requests.

次のコード例では、handler という名前のページに対するクライアント要求への応答として、4行のテキストを HTTP 出力ストリームに書き込みます。The following code example writes four lines of text to the HTTP output stream in response to a client request for a page named handler.aspx. ハンドラーのすべての要求は、アセンブリハンドラーにMyHttpHandler含まれる名前空間HandlerExampleのクラスによって処理されます。All requests for handler.aspx are serviced by the MyHttpHandler class in the namespace HandlerExample contained in the assembly HandlerTest.dll.

// Name this C# file HandlerTest.cs and compile it with the
// command line: csc /t:library /r:System.Web.dll HandlerTest.cs.
// Copy HandlerTest.dll to your \bin directory.

using System.Web;

namespace HandlerExample
   public class MyHttpHandler : IHttpHandler
      // Override the ProcessRequest method.
      public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
         context.Response.Write("<H1>This is an HttpHandler Test.</H1>");      
         context.Response.Write("<p>Your Browser:</p>");
         context.Response.Write("Type: " + context.Request.Browser.Type + "<br>");
         context.Response.Write("Version: " + context.Request.Browser.Version);

      // Override the IsReusable property.
      public bool IsReusable
         get { return true; }


To use this handler, include the following lines in a Web.config file.

         <add verb="*" path="handler.aspx" type="HandlerExample.MyHttpHandler,HandlerTest"/>

' Name this Visual Basic file HandlerTest.vb and compile it with the
' command line: vbc /target:library /r:System.Web.dll HandlerTest.vb.
' Copy HandlerTest.dll to your \bin directory.
Imports System.Web

Namespace HandlerExample
    Public Class MyHttpHandler
        Implements IHttpHandler
        ' Override the ProcessRequest method.
        Public Sub ProcessRequest(context As HttpContext) _
        Implements IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest
            context.Response.Write("<H1>This is an HttpHandler Test.</H1>")
            context.Response.Write("<p>Your Browser:</p>")
            context.Response.Write("Type: " & context.Request.Browser.Type & "<br>")
            context.Response.Write("Version: " & context.Request.Browser.Version)
        End Sub
        ' Override the IsReusable property.        
        Public ReadOnly Property IsReusable() As Boolean _
        Implements IHttpHandler.IsReusable
                Return True
            End Get
        End Property
    End Class
End Namespace

' To use this handler, include the following lines in a
' Web.config file (be sure to remove the comment markers).
'         <add verb="*" path="handler.aspx" type="HandlerExample.MyHttpHandler,HandlerTest"/>


「例」 HttpHandlerのセクションに示されているように、 カスタムコードをProcessRequest仮想メソッドに配置します。Place your custom HttpHandler code in the ProcessRequest virtual method, as shown in the Examples section.