IDataItemContainer.DataItem Property


When implemented, gets an object that is used in simplified data-binding operations.

 property System::Object ^ DataItem { System::Object ^ get(); };
public object DataItem { get; }
member this.DataItem : obj
Public ReadOnly Property DataItem As Object

Property Value


An object that represents the value to use when data-binding operations are performed.


The following code example demonstrates how to implement a type that uses the IDataItemContainer interface. The SimpleSpreadsheetRow class is a container class with a member named Data. It implements the IDataItemContainer interface by mapping the Data property to the DataItem property. Simplified data-binding expressions can bind to the data object using the DataItem property.

object IDataItemContainer.DataItem
        return Data;
ReadOnly Property DataItem() As Object Implements IDataItemContainer.DataItem
        Return Data
    End Get
End Property


The DataItem property identifies an object that is used in data-binding operations and late-binding expressions.

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