TableRowSection Enum


Specifies where a TableRow object is placed in a Table control.

public enum class TableRowSection
public enum TableRowSection
type TableRowSection = 
Public Enum TableRowSection


TableBody 1

The TableRow is placed in the body of the Table.

TableFooter 2

The TableRow is placed in the footer of the Table.

TableHeader 0

The TableRow is placed in the header of the Table.


The TableRowSection enumeration specifies whether a TableRow object is placed in the body, header, or footer of a Table control.

The TableRowSection enumeration represents the possible values for the TableSection property of the TableRow class.

The TableRowSection enumeration enables you to build accessible Web sites using the Table control by adding the thead, tbody, and tfoot elements to the HTML that is rendered to the client. If all rows in a table are in the tbody element, the section information is not rendered. At least one row must be in a non-body element.

When using the declarative syntax, the sections must be in the following order: header, body, and then footer.

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