Day Day Day Day Enum


曜日を指定します。Specifies the day of the week.

public enum class Day
public enum Day
type Day = 
Public Enum Day


Default Default Default Default 7

アプリケーションで指定されている既定の曜日。A default day of the week specified by the application.

Friday Friday Friday Friday 4

金曜日。The day Friday.

Monday Monday Monday Monday 0

月曜日。The day Monday.

Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday 5

土曜日。The day Saturday.

Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday 6

日曜日。The day Sunday.

Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday 3

木曜日。The day Thursday.

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday 1

火曜日。The day Tuesday.

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday 2

水曜日。The day Wednesday.


このクラスは、にMonthCalendarよって使用されます。This class is used by MonthCalendar.