ToolBar.ToolBarButtonCollection.AddRange(ToolBarButton[]) ToolBar.ToolBarButtonCollection.AddRange(ToolBarButton[]) ToolBar.ToolBarButtonCollection.AddRange(ToolBarButton[]) ToolBar.ToolBarButtonCollection.AddRange(ToolBarButton[]) Method


ツール バー ボタンのコレクションをこのツール バー ボタン コレクションに追加します。Adds a collection of toolbar buttons to this toolbar button collection.

 void AddRange(cli::array <System::Windows::Forms::ToolBarButton ^> ^ buttons);
public void AddRange (System.Windows.Forms.ToolBarButton[] buttons);
member this.AddRange : System.Windows.Forms.ToolBarButton[] -> unit
Public Sub AddRange (buttons As ToolBarButton())



配列に格納されているこの ToolBarButton を追加する ToolBar.ToolBarButtonCollection コントロールのコレクション。The collection of ToolBarButton controls to add to this ToolBar.ToolBarButtonCollection contained in an array.

次のコード例は、既存を削除します。ToolBarButtonから、ToolBarが存在し、追加し、4 つを新しい挿入の場合は、制御ToolBarButtonオブジェクトを、ToolBarします。The following code example removes an existing ToolBarButton from a ToolBar control if it exists and adds and inserts four new ToolBarButton objects to the ToolBar. この例が必要です、Formで、ToolBarコントロール。This example requires that you have a Form with a ToolBar control on it.

void AddToolbarButtons( ToolBar^ toolBar )
   if (  !toolBar->Buttons->IsReadOnly )
      // If toolBarButton1 in in the collection, remove it.
      if ( toolBar->Buttons->Contains( toolBarButton1 ) )
         toolBar->Buttons->Remove( toolBarButton1 );
      // Create three toolbar buttons.
      ToolBarButton^ tbb1 = gcnew ToolBarButton( "tbb1" );
      ToolBarButton^ tbb2 = gcnew ToolBarButton( "tbb2" );
      ToolBarButton^ tbb3 = gcnew ToolBarButton( "tbb3" );
      // Add toolbar buttons to the toolbar.
      array<ToolBarButton^>^buttons = {tbb2,tbb3};
      toolBar->Buttons->AddRange( buttons );
      toolBar->Buttons->Add( "tbb4" );
      // Insert tbb1 into the first position in the collection.
      toolBar->Buttons->Insert( 0, tbb1 );
private void AddToolbarButtons(ToolBar toolBar)
      // If toolBarButton1 in in the collection, remove it.
      // Create three toolbar buttons.
      ToolBarButton tbb1 = new ToolBarButton("tbb1");
      ToolBarButton tbb2 = new ToolBarButton("tbb2");
      ToolBarButton tbb3 = new ToolBarButton("tbb3");
      // Add toolbar buttons to the toolbar.		
      toolBar.Buttons.AddRange(new ToolBarButton[] {tbb2, tbb3});
      // Insert tbb1 into the first position in the collection.
      toolBar.Buttons.Insert(0, tbb1);
Private Sub AddToolbarButtons(toolBar As ToolBar)
   If Not toolBar.Buttons.IsReadOnly Then
      ' If toolBarButton1 in in the collection, remove it.
      If toolBar.Buttons.Contains(toolBarButton1) Then
      End If

      ' Create three toolbar buttons.
      Dim tbb1 As New ToolBarButton("tbb1")
      Dim tbb2 As New ToolBarButton("tbb2")
      Dim tbb3 As New ToolBarButton("tbb3")

      ' Add toolbar buttons to the toolbar.		
      toolBar.Buttons.AddRange(New ToolBarButton() {tbb2, tbb3})

      ' Insert tbb1 into the first position in the collection.
      toolBar.Buttons.Insert(0, tbb1)
   End If
End Sub


ToolBarButtonオブジェクトに含まれている、nodes配列は、コレクションの末尾に追加されます。The ToolBarButton objects contained in the nodes array are appended to the end of the collection.

作成済みのグループをすばやく追加するメソッドを使用することができますToolBarButtonオブジェクトを手動で追加するのではなくコレクションにToolBarButtonを使用して、コレクション、Addメソッド。You can use method to quickly add a group of previously created ToolBarButton objects to the collection instead of manually adding each ToolBarButton to the collection using the Add method.

削除する、ToolBarButton以前に追加して、使用、 RemoveRemoveAtまたはClearメソッド。To remove a ToolBarButton that you have previously added, use the Remove, RemoveAt or Clear methods.