Version 2017-04-17

  • A new Set Blob Tier API is now available.
    • Use this API to explicitly set a premium page blob (or disk) to a tier without having to resize. The blob will be provisioned and billed at the new tier. This is also the only way to use the tiers P4 and P6. See High-performance Premium Storage and managed disks for VMs for more information on premium tiers.
    • This API can also be used on block blobs in Blob Storage or General Purpose v2 (GPv2) accounts. The available tiers for block blobs are Hot, Cool, and Archive. For detailed information about block blob tiering see Hot, cool and archive storage tiers.
  • The Create File, Create Directory, Put Range, Set Directory Metadata, Set File Metadata, and Set File Properties operations now return the x-ms-request-server-encrypted response header. This header is set to true if the contents of the request have been successfully encrypted.
  • The Get File, Get File Properties, and Get Directory Properties operations now return the x-ms-server-encrypted response header. This header is set to true if the file data and application metadata are completely encrypted. If the file is not encrypted, or if only parts of the file/application metadata are encrypted, this header is set to false.
  • The storage analytics logs corresponding to requests using version 2017-04-17 or later have a more detailed <request-status> instead of ClientOtherError. The new codes are the same as the error codes returned by the service.
  • Using If-Match: * to access an uncommitted blob will now fail.
  • If a request is throttled due to reaching the account-level Ingress, Egress, or IOPS limits, a new user message is returned.
  • The List Blobs API now returns the continuation token in the Marker XML element. Previously this was a blob name.