EditingContext.Services EditingContext.Services EditingContext.Services EditingContext.Services Property


현재 편집 컨텍스트에서 사용된 서비스 관리자를 반환합니다.Returns the service manager used in the current editing context.

 property System::Activities::Presentation::ServiceManager ^ Services { System::Activities::Presentation::ServiceManager ^ get(); };
public System.Activities.Presentation.ServiceManager Services { get; }
member this.Services : System.Activities.Presentation.ServiceManager
Public ReadOnly Property Services As ServiceManager

속성 값

이 편집 컨텍스트에서 사용된 ServiceManager입니다.The ServiceManager used in this editing context.


Services는 디자이너가 사용할 수 있도록 호스트가 제공하는 기능이나 편집기 내의 모든 디자이너에 기능을 제공하기 위해 디자이너가 사용하는 기능을 나타냅니다.Services represent functionality that is either provided by the host for the designer to use or that is used by the designer to make functionality available to all designers within the editor.

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