FlowDocumentScrollViewer.SelectionOpacity 속성


SelectionBrush의 불투명도를 가져오거나 설정합니다.Gets or sets the opacity of the SelectionBrush.

 property double SelectionOpacity { double get(); void set(double value); };
public double SelectionOpacity { get; set; }
member this.SelectionOpacity : double with get, set
Public Property SelectionOpacity As Double

속성 값

SelectionBrush의 불투명도입니다.The opacity of the SelectionBrush. 기본값은 0.4입니다.The default is 0.4.


다음 예에서는 FlowDocumentScrollViewer를 만들고 SelectionBrush 속성을 분홍색으로 설정 하 고 SelectionOpacity 속성을 0.7로 설정 합니다.The following example creates a FlowDocumentScrollViewer, sets the SelectionBrush property to pink, and sets the SelectionOpacity property to 0.7.

<FlowDocumentScrollViewer SelectionBrush="Pink" SelectionOpacity="0.7">
            <Bold>Neptune</Bold> (planet), major planet in the solar system, eighth planet
from the Sun and fourth largest in diameter.  Neptune maintains an almost constant
distance, about 4,490 million km (about 2,790 million mi), from the Sun.  Neptune
revolves outside the orbit of Uranus and for most of its orbit moves inside the
elliptical path of the outermost planet Pluto (see Solar System). Every 248 years,
Pluto’s elliptical orbit brings the planet inside Neptune’s nearly circular orbit
for about 20 years, temporarily making Neptune the farthest planet from the Sun.
The last time Pluto’s orbit brought it inside Neptune’s orbit was in 1979. In
1999 Pluto’s orbit carried it back outside Neptune’s orbit.


SelectionOpacity를 0으로 설정 하는 경우 SelectionBrush 투명 하며 표시 되지 않습니다.If you set the SelectionOpacity to 0, the SelectionBrush is transparent and is not visible. SelectionOpacity를 1.0로 설정 하면 SelectionBrush 불투명 하 고 선택한 텍스트가 표시 되지 않습니다.If you set the SelectionOpacity to 1.0, the SelectionBrush is opaque and the selected text is not visible.

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