DataGridViewRowPrePaintEventArgs.PaintCellsBackground(Rectangle, Boolean) 메서드


지정된 범위의 영역에 셀 배경을 그립니다.Paints the cell backgrounds for the area in the specified bounds.

 void PaintCellsBackground(System::Drawing::Rectangle clipBounds, bool cellsPaintSelectionBackground);
public void PaintCellsBackground (System.Drawing.Rectangle clipBounds, bool cellsPaintSelectionBackground);
member this.PaintCellsBackground : System.Drawing.Rectangle * bool -> unit
Public Sub PaintCellsBackground (clipBounds As Rectangle, cellsPaintSelectionBackground As Boolean)

매개 변수


그릴 Rectangle의 영역을 지정하는 DataGridView입니다.A Rectangle that specifies the area of the DataGridView to be painted.


SelectionBackColorInheritedStyle 속성 색으로 지정된 범위의 배경을 그리려면 true이고, BackColorInheritedStyle 속성 색으로 지정된 범위의 배경을 그리려면 false입니다.true to paint the background of the specified bounds with the color of the SelectionBackColor property of the InheritedStyle; false to paint the background of the specified bounds with the color of the BackColor property of the InheritedStyle.


RowIndex가 0보다 작거나 DataGridView 컨트롤의 행 수에서 1을 뺀 값보다 큰 경우RowIndex is less than zero or greater than the number of rows in the DataGridView control minus one.


사용 된 PaintCellsBackground 메서드를 그릴 때를 DataGridViewRow 해당 셀의 내용을 직접 및 합니다.Use the PaintCellsBackground method when you draw the DataGridViewRow and its cells' contents yourself. 수동으로 전체 행과 해당 셀의 내용을 그리는 설정 합니다 HandledEventArgs.Handled 속성을 true입니다.If you manually paint the entire row and its cells' contents, set the HandledEventArgs.Handled property to true. HandledEventArgs.Handled 됩니다 trueCellPaintingRowPostPaint 이벤트가 발생 하지 않습니다.When HandledEventArgs.Handled is true, the CellPainting and RowPostPaint events do not occur.

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